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Development Management is the practice of delivering the right development, in the right location, at the right time. It includes the conceptualisation and optimisation of a development strategy, following through the various stages in the development project to achieve the completed project and meeting pre-defined cost, value and time budgets. It is providing the advice that would be the thinking of a developer.

Development management comprises the skills of project management in the applied context of property development; and a development manager is a person who demonstrates expertise involved in the development of property or roles in order to achieve the development of the property, and these may include site selection, development strategies, feasibility studies, planning applications, procurement, construction, management and disposal of the property in the development process.

In larger organisations, there may be a team of professionals managing the development, and individuals maybe taking on certain roles and responsibilities and may have different disciplinary areas that are integrated to contribute to the broader process of development management.

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Dedicated Project Manager – to deliver a specific stage of the development process.

The definition of Development Management is distinct from dedicated Project Management which is more concerned with delivering an already defined project or construction related outcome. Project management is a professional discipline comprising stages relating to managing teams or groups of people in the initiation, planning, execution, control and completion of tasks, projects or work. In the property and construction industry the use of project management is perceived to be approached in the context of tasks, project or work undertaken in the property and construction sector, however broader concepts of project management are not limited to construction or development context. There is often no clear industry distinction between the two terms, development management and the use of project management in the property and construction industry, which tend to be inter-changed by clients and various other professions when referring to the development and project (construction) roles.

Development Manager Brisbane

Development Manager is responsible for the overall management of all aspects of a property development either directly or by delegation. The discipline ensures that all aspects are fully aligned into a single cohesive strategy, while balancing often competing objectives such as quality on one hand and cost control on the other.

A Development Manager may be acting in the role of a Consultant, or could be employed directly by a Developer or Property Owner to look after the development process on their behalf. Professional developers sometimes provide a development management service to property owners either on a fee basis or in a joint venture capacity. Furthermore, within development organisations the roles of the development manager may be spread across a team that collectively achieve the objectives outlined in Development Management. Further, a development manager may be involved in the end-to-end development process, although equally they may only be involved in certain stages of the development process. This is dependent on the project type, size, engagement and purpose of the development managers’ role.

Note: All references to “Institute” means API/PINZ.

Reference: API / PCA / REIA 2007 Glossary of Property Terms

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