Since stepping out on my own and starting the Everett Property Development Management business, there are three lessons I have learnt:

1. RELATIONSHIPS – it is absolutely key to have good relationships and people you can rely on. I wouldn’t have been able to get the business off and running without the support of Katelyn Thomason, trusted consultants and Property Feed.

2. Have a PIGGY BANK. Before I took the leap I took on the advice of ensuring I had enough cash in the bank to support my family and the business for at least 18 months. You quickly learn the definition of cash-flow when starting a business.

3. REFERRALS – Industry is tough. Seeking commissions as a new operator is not easy. You try and break through already formed relationships to find you may get an opportunity but just miss out because you’re not connected with a director here or there. You try to enter tenders only to find out you have no QA (quality assurance) or business cash flow track record to meet the clients criteria. Having trusted relationships and referrals with your consultants and clients is vital.

Article by Dan Everett, Director of EVERETT Property Development Management