When subdividing land in Brisbane, it’s important to know the cost and time and process to successfully subdivide land.

What is a Subdivision?

Subdividing, also known as ‘reconfiguring a lot’, includes:  

  • creating lots from subdividing another lot
  • merging two or more lots into one lot
  • rearranging the boundaries of a lot without creating a new lot
  • creating a community title scheme
  • creating a volumetric subdivision (using space above or below the land)
  • dividing land into parts by agreement, such as by leasing part of a lot for a period exceeding 10 years
  • creating an easement to give access to a lot from a road.

What is the Subdivision Process?

Before a new lot is sold, it must be created and have the title registered. Following your planning approval, the process is:

  1. Undertake the subdivision and required works in compliance with the conditions of the approval and pay the infrastructure charges levied.
  2. Submit the plan of survey to Council for plan sealing.
  3. Submit the sealed survey plan for registration with the Queensland Government. Upon registration, the Queensland Government will issue the title under the Land Title Act 1994.

What is the Cost of a Development Application?

You must pay a development application fee when you lodge your application.

In addition to development application fees, Council levies infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process. This applies to each new lot you create. Charges collected contribute to the provision of essential trunk infrastructure to service new development such as roads and transport, sewerage, water supply, stormwater and community facilities.

There are also fees for consultants, plan sealing, Council compliance assessment and to connect new lots to Council infrastructure, which are incurred after receiving a planning approval.

There is also costs after the DA process. You may contact EVERETT Property Development Management for a complimentary site review to see if your property can be subdivided and to see what the cost, time and process would entail for subdividing your site.

Subdivision Expert help

Expert help can save you time and make the subdivision process a lot easier for you. You will need to engage a project manager to prepare a feasibility study and help with the design of your subdivision so it complies with the relevant assessment criteria. Your project manager will then help navigate the subdivision process from acquisition through to plan sealing and titles. Your project manager may also offer services such as:

  • site evaluation
  • project management
  • managing the development application process on behalf of the property owner
  • co-ordinating specialist consultants.

Subdivision Terms:

DA = Development Application
ROL = Reconfiguring a lot
MCU = Material Change of Use
RiskSMART = fast-tracked development approval process for low risk, decision-ready development applications.

Do you want to know more about Subdividing Land in Brisbane?

For more information about the regulations, guidelines, or application process, for land subdivision in Brisbane, then call a project manager.  Here at EVERETT Property Development Management, we have a team of experienced project managers who understand the complete process for subdividing land in Brisbane, and other local council areas.