Monday 3 October 2017 | QT Gold Coast

It was an honor to be interviewed by William Pickering and Robert Langton from Development Ready on Monday. All things property development were discussed including:

  • EVERETT service land owners and investors with a true property development service.
  • Discovering the development potential of land.
  • Realising the potential returns through property development.
  • Lending in Australia and Chinese government influences in the capital outflow.
  • Brisbane’s missing middle residential housing.
  • Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast (South East Queensland, SEQ), Australia.
  • Brisbane City Council.
  • Townhouses / townhouse / terrace homes / residential estates/ subdivision ROL.
  • Architecture / architectural design / interior design / Autodesk / Revit
  • Collaborations with consultants, real estate agents, banks/brokers/funders, lawyers, architects, builders, contractors, project sales and marketing.

Watch this space to see the whole interview.