Pre-lodgement meeting

Pre-lodgement meeting request

Council offers a prelodgement meeting service to identify potential issues for a development proposal.
The intent of this service is to ensure the resolution of any issues prior to lodgement of a development application. Pre-lodgement meetings result in a speedier assessment process.
A pre-lodgement meeting has mandatory documents required to be provided in order to be validated as a pre-lodgement meeting. Pre-lodgement requests may be refused where information is insufficient, unsuitable or where specific issues have not been identified on the form.

Preparing for a Prelodgement meeting with Council

EVERETT Property Development Management assist you with the mandatory documents required to be provided to council for requesting a prelodgement meeting with Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Council, Logan City Council and City of Gold Coast.

What documents do I have to submit along with my request?

A pre-lodgement meeting requires a high level of information to be provided. See the following outline of mandatory information to be submitted:
  • a fully completed request pre-lodgement meeting form
  • a covering letter or short report detailing the specific issues to be discussed with reference to the specific scheme provision(s), e.g. strategic framework elements, performance outcomes, acceptable outcomes, a site analysis plan prepared in accordance with City Plan policy – ‘Site Analysis’.
  • concept plan/s drawn to a minimum scale of 1:200 for the proposal, including details such as the following:
  • location and nominated use of all existing buildings/structures on the allotment with dimensions from the outermost projection to the property boundary/s
  • the entire allotment dimensioned showing all road frontages including the name of the road/s
  • location and nominated use of all proposed buildings/structures on the allotment, with dimensions from the outermost projection to the property boundary/s
  • proposed subdivision layout, with proposed lot sizes and road frontages.
  • other documentation submitted in support of the proposal, e.g. contour plans, aerial photographs, traffic analysis study.

What if I do not provide all the mandatory information required for a pre-lodgement meeting?

Pre-lodgement meeting requests may be refused where information is insufficient or unsuitable.

How much do meetings cost?

The cost of the pre-lodgement meeting is in accordance with the City’s regulatory fees and non-regulatory charges.

How much time will be allowed for my meeting?

Pre-lodgement meetings will be limited to a maximum of 45 minutes.

What will be discussed at the meeting?

Discussions and advice will relate to the issues you identified on the meeting request form and/or accompanying documentation. Issues must be specific and relate directly to the proposed development.

Will the meeting cover all the issues related to my application?

The pre-lodgement meeting will focus on the issues you identified on the pre-lodgement meeting form and/or accompanying documentation. You should be aware that other issues might be raised during the assessment process.

Does a meeting indicate that my application will be approved?

Pre-lodgement meetings are a forum for informal discussion and advice only. They do not constitute a detailed assessment nor indicate in any way the outcome of any subsequent assessment processes.

Will I receive a record of the meeting?

City officers will provide written summaries of key points discussed, however attendees are encouraged to make their own notes.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the EVERETT Property Development Management

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