Development Management

The Development Manager is your Project Manager / Principals Representative / Owners Agent, managing the project in accordance with your interests, on your behalf. 

EVERETT Development Manager role typically starts when the Client / Landowner has an idea to undertake a construction project.

With EVERETT Property Development Management, you can rely on our value for money approach to project delivery, guiding your project through the development cycle.

EVERETT Development Management process:

  • Feasibility Study

  • Building a Consultant Team

  • Design Guidance

  • Town Planning

  • Authority Approvals

  • Pre-Sales Contract
  • Sales, Leasing and Marketing

  • Project Funding

  • Construction Contract
  • Tendering to Contractors

  • Construction

  • Plan Sealing & Titles

  • Settlement

  • Defects Liability Period


We are Superintendent of the construction contract.

Australian Standard AS4000 and AS4902 construction contracts require the Principal to ensure that at all times there is a Superintendent, and that the Superintendent fultils all aspects of the role and functions reasonably and in good faith.


  • Superintendent Representative
  • Administer the construction contract
  • Review claims for Payment, Variations, Extentions of Time, Defects, Latent Conditions, Practical Completion

Professional and thorough

We have competed a number of projects for EVERETT and found them very professional and thorough with their planning and details which provides efficiency for all parties when completing developments for his clients. Always very keen to work with a great team.

Trent Doughty & Shaun McLaren

Brisbane Civil (Civil Contractor)

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